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I  am an Independent Insurance Agent in the State of Florida. My practice objective is to provide an holistic approach to finding affordable product packages that pay the bills for health care and create a solid foundation to support your lifetime financial security. I can help you navigate the complexities of life and health insurance. We can explore the advantages of products from financially sound companies, including but not  limited to: We can find the lifetime lifestyle protection advantages offered by a variety of supplemental health, dental, and life insurance and discount products. You can learn about the guaranteed tax advantaged security offered by traditional  fixed annuities, indexed annuities, and the tax advantaged living benefits of modern life insurance. All those products are complex  and come with a variety of different coverage options and benefits. I will work with you to find a product or package of products that best fits your objectives and budget. 

Guarantees, Protection, Lifetime Income


Guaranteed Health Benefits. National Network Options. My practice includes Medicare Supplement plans; Individual Short Term Health Plans; and Small Group  Plans. 

Short Term and Modern Supplemental Health Benefits. Need a short term health plan? Take a look at a short term health plan that offers coverage for as little as 30 days up to 360 Days.   Got High Deductibles? Want First Dollar Coverage? Don't Want to Pay Platinum Plan Premiums to Get It? Learn about a variety of modern supplemental accident, critical illness, teledoc, hospitalization, and dental plans.

Want to Pay for Health Expenses with Tax Free Money? Health Savings Accounts  are triple tax advantaged. Contributions are deductible, earnings are not taxed, and withdrawals to pay eligible medical expenses are tax free. Find out what they are, what they do, and what they can do for you.

 Want Tax Advantaged Savings, Guaranteed Minimum Returns, and Financial Protection for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Business?  Get the Living Benefits of Life Insurance. Talk  to me about the guaranteed living benefits of modern life insurance.  Discover how it can give you safety of principal with locked-in interest  gains based on the performance of a financial market index (for  example, the Standard and Poors 500 index). Find out how part of the  face value of the modern life insurance policy can be used to pay for  long term care and critical illness expenses. Want your premium money back? Get return of premium term or universal life. Just want it cheap? Check out our traditional term life.

Create a Lifetime Personal Pension, Maximize Social Security Benefits. Talk  to me about the advantages of modern fixed and indexed annuities. You  can get guaranteed income for your life, or jointly for the lifetime of  both you and your spouse, or for a specific length of time. 

Retire early. Find  out how an annuity or cash value life insurance can help you delay  Social Security retirement benefits without working longer. This  strategy allows you to both retire early and maximize your lifetime  Social Security retirement income.This strategy increases the funds  available to the surviving spouse should either one of you outlive the  other. Thus reducing life insurance coverage needs and protecting assets  from liquidation in order to replace lost income.

Long Term Care. Find out how annuities, life insurance, and health savings accounts can be used to help fund assisted living expenses.  

Professionalism and Independence


 I  graduated from Florida State University with a Master of Science in  Planning.  I served as an officer in the US Army on active duty from  1971 to 1973, and continued to serve in the Army Reserve until 1984.   I  worked in state and local government where for over 25 years I managed  public agencies, prepared agency budgets and projected future growth and  revenue scenarios. I am independent to offer choices among all life and health insurance product  lines and annuities marketed through independent agency networks. 

Get a Free Consultation. Let me put my skills to work for you. Call 386-402-4964 to start a free discussion of your health and life insurance needs. It's up to you, call for a meeting. There are no obligations. 

Meet, learn, act or do nothing. Call  or e-mail to find out how to tailor to your needs a lifetime guaranteed  personal pension plan using annuities, life insurance, and the right  kind of health insurance packaged to fit your personal situation and  goals.

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