Dental Plans

How Much Does My Dental Procedure Cost?


Click on the picture to access dental cost information in your area provided by Fair Health. When you get to the website, select your dental procedure and your state. Saving money on dental procedures involves four choices: 1) The lowest cost dentist among the dental professionals you decide you like; 2) The right dental discount plan, or the right dental insurance to cover your procedures; 3) paying in cash or with a Zero Interest plan that may or may not be offered by your dentist; and/or 4) low cost financing of your remaining out of pocket dental expenses which includes bank loans and health care credit cards. Be careful of high interest internet financing offers, check with banks and reputable credit card issuers first.  For example, Care Credit allows you pay with zero interest if you pay off your bill within the promotional time period, which may be as long as two years.  Both Wells Fargo and Regions Bank have medical credit cards and loans. Check with your bank or credit union first, if you must finance your dental bill.

Dental Discount Plans


Dental discount plans are not insurance.  They are affordable and offer immediate discounts. Find the discount plans your dentist accepts.  Find out what plans cover the procedures you need, the plan benefits, the dentists on each plan, and the plan costs.  These plans are extremely affordable.  Generally, they may not be as reliable as dental insurance. Always confirm the availability of the discounts before scheduling a procedure with a specific dentist.  Some discount plans offer dental pricing that favorably competes with first year dental insurance coverage for major procedures.

Dental Insurance


Click on the picture to see our dental insurance offerings.  Enrollment methods vary from one plan to another.  However, convenient on line enrollment is available for most plans.

Find a Dentist Near You


Click in the above text box to go to the American Dental Association find a dentist web site.

Ways to: 1) Save Money and 2) Finance Dental Bills


Click on the above image to get the American Dental Association's Guide to Finding and Paying for Dental Care. 

The guide explains the different types of dental coverage available to you, and how to select coverage that best fits your situation.  

Note that we offer plans that have both deferred and immediate benefits.  

Here are a few, but not all, financing options.  Note that these options are informational only. I have no affiliation with them, and they are not recommendations:

1. Talk to your dentist.  The dental office may provide zero interest financing. Find out before you pursue other options.

2. Dental and Medical loans may be available from your bank. Wells Fargo offers personal loans and a Health Advantage credit card. is a division of Sun Trust Bank offering medical and dental loans, among other things. 

3. Get a specialty  credit card. Care Credit is a popular credit card for dental and medical services with zero percent interest when the balance is paid off within 24 months.

There are alternatives so you do not have to put off health and dental care because of financial issues.  



Get answers to commonly asked questions about dental care, benefits of care, and dental conditions. Just click on the picture to go to Web MD's dental FAQ's.